ZippyJamz Organic Baby Footed PJs w/Inseam Zipper – Sweet Sleepy Swans (0-3 Mos)


ZippyJamz Baby Sleepers keep your baby warm, covered and in a sleep state during diaper changes – everyone gets more & better sleep! Say no to snaps and goodbye to front zippers! ZippyJamz keep babies warm and covered during diaper changes and cut diaper changing time in half. ZippyJamz sleepers are so easy to use – even if your baby is sleeping, kicking or wriggling. There is nothing a parent won’t do to help their baby fall asleep. There also nothing they won’t do to keep their baby sleeping. But this is almost impossible with today’s sleepers. And here are two reasons why. SNAPS-If you need to change your baby at night snaps are slow and matching them up is a pain. ZIPPERS-Front zippers are quicker but by the time your baby is ready they’re naked, freezing and awake. ZippyJamz have 2 zippers, the first makes it really easy to dress and undress your baby. The second zipper along the inseam makes diaper changing quick and convenient so babies stay warm and covered during diaper changes, day or night. The fully lined zipper won’t pinch or irritate your baby’s skin. Premium YKK zippers work smoothly even if your baby is kicking or rolling away. Plus super soft organic interlock cotton fabric means only the best for your baby’s sensitive skin. Whether you’re a new parent, or have already changed hundreds of diapers, or just want to give the gift of better sleep and easier diaper changing; ZippyJamz lets you and your baby enjoy more play, love, cuddles and sleep!