Zentangle: A Beginner’s Guide To Zentangle Art

Zentangle: The Beginner’s Guide to Zentangle Art

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So… you’ve taken an interest in the concept of Zentangle?

Congratulations then! Because you’re now at the right place. I’m really glad you’re reading this, because this book on Zentangle Art will let you know about everything about Zentangle, including:

  • What a Zentangle is
  • The Zentangle Method
  • The Background & History of Zentangle
  • The Profound Benefits of Practising Zentangle
  • Basic Zentangle Design Including How to Get Started
  • Intermediate Zentangle Designs
  • Advanced Zentangle Designs

There’re many proven benefits of the Zentangle Art, the most common of which are Stress Management, Development of Creative Nature and Relaxation. In this book on Zentangle, you’ll learn more about these and see how the Zentangle Art can help you and those who are close to you.

In the Zentangle book, you’ll learn how to create your own Zentangle starting with the most basic of all designs; beginning from an empty page to a complete tile. You’ll also learn some of the commonly used terms in Zentangle as well as the techniques of Zentangle. As you go deeper into the chapters, you’ll also be exposed to the more complex (and definitely more stunning) patterns of Zentangle. You’ll learn more about those in the chapter introducing the Intermediate and Advanced levels of Zentangle. The interesting thing to note is, you can still master these through practice and you don’t need to be an artist to be able to do that.

Ready to start your journey into Zentangle? Let’s rock!

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