Zen Relaxation DVD – Japanese Gardens for Relaxing and Meditation


UNWIND AFTER A LONG DAY OF WORK: the Japanese have meditation and quiet contemplation down to a fine art

CLEAR YOUR MIND: escape from daily life and let all your worries fade away.

BEAUTIFUL WALLPAPER: inspiring and refreshing natural decoration

MOMENTS OF PURE DELIGHT: ideal to play during your meditation or to help you fall asleep easily

PERFECT FOR HEALTH SPA’S: create magical moments for your guests with stunning and unique images of nature.

What our customers say:

SZ.: “This film is excellent. I use several other films produced by this company with Alzheimer’s patients. The clarity and sharpness of the film is excellent. Content, great!!!!! Gorgeous moving art with sound!”

Japanese gardens for deep relaxation

Enjoy a journey through the most beautiful gardens of Japan. Amazing water sceneries of peaceful ponds of, soothing waterfalls and beautiful designed gardens with a great variety of sculptures and stones enter your living room.

Soothing scenes & moving paintings
Two films of slowly-changing images provide a deep relaxation. Enjoy a great variety of calming waterfalls and watch the soft rain freshen up beautiful, colorful flowers and trees.

Six static scenes show you different parts of Japanese Gardens, like looking out of your window. Ideal as a natural decoration, or as an aid to meditation.

Soothing oriental music & nature sounds
The calming movies can be played with beautiful oriental music or nature sounds recorded on location.

HD nature DVD with Automatic Loop
Filmed using high-definition cameras and professional audio equipment. All the tracks are programmed to repeat automatically, making it ideal for use in spas, health clubs and waiting rooms.