White Noise Machine Sleep Helper Sound Relaxation Machine Rekome Sleep Therapy Sound Machine with 9 Unique Natural Sounds, Sleep Disorders Noise Cancelling for Home, Office, Spa, Yoga, Kids


Product Specification :

Why choose our white noise sleeping machine?

1. 9 Preset Natural Sounds: This sound machine with 9 kinds of sounds, including White Noise, Ocean, Thunder, Soothing music, Wind, Brook, Summer night , Rain and Bird music. All the sounds played by this machine are crisp, natural, realistic, and without any scratching noises.

2. Block off Unwanted Noises: With this sound relaxation machine, you will surely get a better and more relaxing  night’s sleep.The white noise mask unwanted noise and give you a comfortable environment to sleep .

3. Convenient & Portable: Compact, basic and lightweight design, easy to put into your bag and power it  conveniently by USB charging or AA batteries. So you can enjoy a smoothing sleep anywhere .

4. Focusing Enhancement: Using this white noise machine for office privacy or study area can help you focus on the things important and get things  done efficiently. It’s a simple solution to improve privacy and make sure that your conversations won’t distract others.

5. 2 Charging Options: Simply connect the included USB cable to your device or take it on the go with 4 AA batteries (batteries are not included)


Color : White

Power source: USB or AA battery

Input power: 5V USB charge

Battery Power :4*AA battery (not included)

Timer:15 /30 /60 minutes for option

Sounds: 9 sounds

Product size : 1.2 inch * 5 inch round

Weight : 8.2 oz

Package included:

Portable White Noise Sound Machine  x 1

USB Cable x 1

User Manual x 1