Wellness Personal Care Wired/Wireless Weather Station with Thermometer, Hydrometer & Alarm Clock/Snooze Featuring Bright Color Coded LED Digital Display Screen with Large Easy to Read Digits


Now you can monitor the world around you with a fully integrated Wellness Weather Station that gives you up to the minute climate information on local environments. With a super bright LED display monitor, all your local weather data is beautifully and clearly displayed with precise and accurate instrumentation. Place your Weather Station on any shelf, and the RCC remote outdoors, and you’ll have a complete picture of the pressure, humidity, and temperature levels within a hundred foot range of your home or office.

Color-coded for added clarity, each display category is instantly recognizable making information easy to read and always accessible. Even at a distance, the large numbers are clearly defined. Blue LED characters mark the temperature and humidity outdoors, green for indoors, yellow for the daily forecast and a clear white display across the top for the date and time. As an added benefit, you get a graphic chart of the moon phases that waxes and wanes as the month progresses.

A built-in alarm clock makes the Weather Station the perfect bedside companion, while a big-button snooze bar helps you drift comfortably into the day. With the bold digital clock display, reading the time at early hours is just as easy. While the LED screen is bright and clear, the screen radiates no light. This makes sleeping next to your weather station ideal and restful.

Display Settings Include:
Indoor and outdoor temperature
Indoor and outdoor humility levels
Time of day
Day of the week
Clock (12 or 24 hour display)
Alarm with snooze
Weather forecast for the next 12-24 hours
Moon phases

Included in the Box:
Weather Station
Outdoor weather sensor
AC adapter (also takes AAA and AA batteries)
User manual.