Vive Hand Exercise Balls – Grip Strengthening Physical, Occupational Therapy Kit – Squishy Stress, PT, Arthritis Pain Relief Workout Set – Fidget Finger Muscle Squeeze Resistance Strength Egg Trainers


Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit by Vive

Premium textured therapy balls offer four levels of resistance for gaining strength in the hands, wrists and forearms, reducing stiffness, joint pain and stress. The Vive hand therapy balls are tear-resistant, quiet and odorless and are easily portable in the convenient nylon travel bag. Use to build strength following surgery, as a part of physical or occupational therapy, as a sensory outlet for ADHD and autism or to improve as an athlete or musician.

Strengthens Grip and Reduces Stiffness and Pain:

Hand therapy exercise balls build strength in the fingers, hands, wrist and forearms, while reducing stiffness and joint pain by stimulating blood circulation in the forearm, wrist, fingers and hand. Great for relieving stress and anxiety, the therapy balls ease tense muscles for greater relaxation and flexibility. Useful in physical and occupational therapy, the balls provide a quiet sensory outlet for those with ADHD or autism. Perfect for athletes, musicians, office staff and students, as well as those with arthritis, carpal tunnel and rehabilitation needs.

Progressive Resistance Levels:

Progressive levels of resistance allow the difficulty of each workout to be gradually increased as your hand strength and grip improves. The color coded therapy ball set includes an orange extra soft exercise ball, a green soft resistance ball, a blue medium resistance ball and a purple firm exercise ball. Each resistance level can be utilized in interval training, alternating between the four resistance levels in a single workout.

Perfectly Sized for a Comfortable Fit:

Sized to comfortably fit adult hands with a diameter of 5 cm. Perfectly sized for grip strength training for both men and women.

Durable Nonslip Exterior:

Hand grip strengthener balls are constructed with a premium composite material that is odorless and latex free. The lightly textured