Visualization Meditation Technique – DNA Tree Visualization

Visualization Meditation
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This video of visualization meditation technique can help you balance your energy flow in today's hectic world of informational paradigm. It is one of the visualization or meditation techniques that are based on the new spiritual science of Infosomatics and is brought to you by Life Script Doctor. It can save a lot of your meditational time and help you bring your energy into harmony with Nature through visualization offered image sequence.
For your meditation to be effective it is important to meditate and visualize effectively. As we keep evolving and need to process more and more information each day, while staying healthy and keeping positive attitude, there have to be a more effective way then spending 30 min everyday on mediation (as mindfulness meditation and transcendental meditation techniques suggest) in a quiet place. Don't get me wrong, daily meditations (mindfulness, transcendental or other visualization meditation techniques) are great, but since we are already using nanotechnology in our computers isn't there a way to get the same, or even better, results than as simple guided meditation can bring us?
If you look at what concepts are behind meditation, visualization techniques, affirmations or prayer, you would be able to see that it is all about learning how to control your thought process and use your ability to visualize certain sets of images. The process of visualizing certain images can be described as a visualization meditation technique.
Learn about new spiritual science Infosomatics and Visualization Techniques that can help to improve your life and truly benefit your visualization meditation experience.

Visualization Meditation…