Vibrancy – Fulvic & Humic Liquid Mineral Concentrate (4 FL. OZ.) – Energy, Vitality, Wellness – Plant-Derived Formula



Essential Minerals, Trace Elements and Amino Acids

Our superior blend is an organic, plant-derived, neutral tasting, liquid concentrate, with over 70 naturally occurring, ionic minerals, vitamins, trace elements, and 11 amino acids.

Improved Energy, Vitality and Wellness

Our formula is derived from one of the richest deposits of natural humates chelated from ancient plant matter, at an unpolluted, high elevation source, extracted solely with pristine water.

Supports Cellular Health ~ Provides Antioxidants

Besides oxygen and water, minerals are the most critical for the body to function properly. Most of us suffer from mineral deficiencies due to our depleted farmland soil. Our unique blend helps to rebuild and produce healthy cells that the body needs to keep the immune system healthy.

Fulvic and Humic mineral complexes assist with the absorption of nutrients at the cellular level; thereby increasing energy, providing a higher tolerance to stress and assisting with metabolism, food cravings, digestion, hair loss, inflammation, muscle spasms, thyroid function, cognitive health, alkalinity, hydration, beneficial gut flora, SIBO and more.

Essential Nutrients ~ Plant Derived ~ Highly Absorbable

Powerful 4-to-1 Blend: 4 parts Fulvic to 1 part Humic minerals. Fulvic minerals are natural electrolytes and function inside the cells boosting absorption of all nutrients and supporting proper function of vital processes. Humic minerals work outside the cells, in the GI tract, to encourage the body’s natural removal of toxins and viruses, which in turn supports healthy immune system function.

Contains: No additives, preservatives, sugars, yeast, soy, gluten or GMO’s.

Guaranteed Quality: Formulated in the USA in a cGMP certified facility, 3rd-party tested.

Size: Available in 2 FL. OZ. or 4 FL. OZ. bottles with droppers.