Van Gogh and Impressionist Paintings: Grayscale Coloring Book (Creative Grayscale Coloring Book for Relaxation)


Enjoy, relax and create your own work of art

The 53 grayscale images of this unique art coloring book have been made from beautiful paintings of famous impressionist and postimpressionist artists, such as Monet, Renoir, Degas, Manet, Cézanne, Cassatt, Caillebotte, van Gogh, Gauguin, Lautrec and Signac. Find out more about the authors and their pictures: they portray interesting people, their way of life and fashionable dresses of the era. Learn more about the exotic landscape, charming villages, lovely houses and cottages, flower gardens, golden wheat fields, delightful nature by the river and sea. So just relax and color along the grayscale images of these masterpieces to create your own piece of art.

The additional Coloring Guide with (full page) color pictures is available for free after purchasing the book to guarantee your success with the artistic adventure.

The Guide can be used as a reference for imitating colors of the original painting or as an inspiration for a new invention. Simply color over the shades of gray to bring the marvelous painting back to life and make a masterpiece. The fantastic advantage of creative grayscale coloring is that the shading is already provided so it is possible for everyone to make a wonderful picture of great artistic depth with ease, enthusiasm and incredible fun. The shading may also show through your colors for a stunning effect. 


  • 53 grayscale images
  • carefully optimized (full page) grayscale photos
  • all images are made from paintings and have elegant frames
  • medium weight acid-free paper
  • all pages are single sided and coloring tips are provided inside the book
  • suitable for colored pencils, markers, crayons, pens (chalk pastels, liquid chalk pens, gel pens, paint brush pens, aqua brush duo watercolor pens or dual brush markers, aquarellable pencils, alcohol ink markers) etc.
  • Your Bonus: all the grayscale images can be printed on a thicker paper of your choice. The digital PDF file is available after purchasing the paperback. Print these coloring pages as many times as you need and on any type of paper or canvas through your printer. Get a customized coloring book for watercolor brushes or gouache and acrylic paint etc.
  • great enjoyment for all skill levels                       

This art therapy coloring book offers a perfect way to release stress after a hard day. It is a healthy creative distraction that helps everyone discover their happy artistic side and a peaceful state of mind where everyday worries melt away.

It is a perfect gift for you and your friend or family to enjoy coloring together. Bring joy to yourself or those you love and add copies of this book to cart. You won’t regret it.