TruthPaste Natural Toothpaste – Flouride Free – Ayurvedic Toothpaste made with Organic Oils – Natural Calcium Bentonite – Essential Oils – 2oz. | 60ml.


What are the Main Components of an All Natural Toothpaste?

Natural Toothpaste Fluoride Free: There is a growing awareness of the harmful affects of fluoride.Many take the responsibility into their own hands by choosing a natural toothpaste without fluoride. A natural toothpaste with fluoride is an oxymoron. A natural toothpaste no fluoride has ever come close to is the responsible choice.

Natural Toothpaste Glycerin Free:Glycerin helps give toothpaste its pasty feel, itâ€TMs unnecessary and it coats your teeth like plastic wrap blocking your teeth from re-mineralizing or maintaining the proper balance of nutrients. Toothpastes with glycerin “require 20 rinses to get it off”.In a true natural toothpaste no glycerin is needed.Choose a natural toothpaste clay is used in place of glycerin.Calcium bentonite clay is the the highest quality natural toothpaste clay.

Natural Toothpaste for Kids: If it’s good for kids, then it’s good for everyone.A natural toothpaste with xylitol is the responsible choice over toothpastes with sugar or other chemical sweeteners.TruthPaste is a natural toothpaste baby, mom, dad, sister, and brothers can all safely enjoy the benefits of.

May All Humans Have Healthy Smiles