Transcendental Meditation: How to Use Transcendental Meditation for Stress Relief, Creativity and Inner Peace (Transcendental Meditation, Meditation For Beginners)

Transcendental Meditation

How to Use Transcendental Meditation for Stress Relief, Creativity and Inner Peace

This book is filled with information about what Transcendental Meditation is and what it is not. It also provides information about the origin and development of the said meditation technique. Looking for a guide in starting your Transcendental Meditation practice? This book will be your first step and more!

Here Are The Things You Will Learn In This Book

*Learn about the history Transcendental Meditation, where it came from and how it came to be

*Learn about what Transcendental Meditation really is and compare it to other forms of meditation

*Learn about the common misconceptions of Transcendental Meditation being a religion or a philosophy

*Learn about the importance of mantras or sound in the practice of meditation

*Learn about the amazing benefits of Transcendental Meditation to one’s psychological and physiological well-being

*Learn about how to start your own practice of Transcendental Meditation in the comforts of your own home

*Learn how to employ ways on how to deal with everyday life challenges through meditation

*Learn how Transcendental Meditation can help you find fulfillment and genuine happiness in life.

Throughout our lives, we experience so many stressful events and experiences. Our minds are constantly at work, trying to keep up with the challenges of everyday life. It is important to take a break from all this from time to time to ensure that both our minds and bodies are still in good condition. Transcendental Meditation is a means of bringing in silence in our thoughts. It allows us to go into a deeper state of consciousness wherein our minds become relaxed and free from distractions. In effect, we can see ourselves better and we can also see the world around us in a brighter light.

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