Tranquil Guitar – Soothing Music For Relaxation, Meditation and Sleep –


Relax, De-stress And Fall Asleep To Calming Music

Feel tense after a long, stressful day? Do you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep?

Relax and fall asleep to the soothing sounds of gentle acoustic guitar with a calming ocean background with the Tranquil Guitar CD, a companion CD to the best-selling and top-ranking Sleep Soundly CD by Ryan Judd.

Composed and recorded by a board certified music therapist with a master’s degree in psychology.

The music on this premium-quality CD slowly, gently relaxes you. You’ll feel peace and calm wash over you as tension and stress drain away. You’ll drift into restful sleep. Plus, you’ll wake up refreshed next morning.

Your CD provides:

• Calming fingerstyle acoustic guitar music
• A serene ocean track that continues throughout the entire CD and between tracks so there aren’t any breaks or silence between songs.
• All of the tracks are played at the rhythm of the resting heart rate
• 6-month guarantee: If you don’t love this relaxing CD, return it within 6 months of delivery for a full refund

What WON’T You Get? Distractions!

Your Tranquil Guitar CD has no jarring changes in the music. No disruptive breaks between the songs since the ocean track continues throughout the entire CD. Nothing but calming acoustic guitar and waves washing onto the shore. It is a professional, high quality CD made in the USA and unlike the cheaper CD-R’s this CD will work in all CD players

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Please note that this CD has the same songs as my We Dream, volume 2 CD but the ocean waves are softer on this one. The best companion CD is my Sleep Soundly CD.