Total Wellness: Improve Your Health by Understanding the Body’s Healing Systems


We have all been told to ?eat right,? ?exercise,? and ?reduce stress.? Although these clich├ęs offer good general advice, how do they meet the specific health concerns of an individual? Each of us has unique needs for optimizing our own health. In his latest book, Total Wellness, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno teaches us how to pinpoint exactly what our bodies need to be healthy.
Written in a clear and understandable style, this book covers each of the major body systems, describing how they work, how to recognize when something is not working correctly, and how to make it work again. Pizzorno teaches the reader to listen to the body?s messages and to use lifestyle modifications and natural medicines to reestablish optimal health. Many of the diseases discussed in the book can be resolved through self-treatment techniques such as:
Take herbal bitters with meals to improve nutritional status and digestion
Eat colorful fruits and vegetables normalize inflammatory function
Use Siberian ginseng to increase DHEA levels to help the regulatory system
Regularly consume garlic and onions to boost the detoxification systems
Take Vitamin A and Beta-carotene to strengthen the immune system
Each chapter begins with a list of common symptoms that would indicate an imbalance in a particular system, as well as behaviors that increase the risk for an imbalance. The author includes case ?stories? of patients he?s treated for many of the conditions. Tips for translating the body?s messages, charts and tables explaining the conditions, and appendices directing the reader to the exact information he needs makes the book the ultimate reference for people who want to make themselves well.
About the Author

Joseph Pizzorno, N.D., is one of the world?s leading authorities on science-based natural medicine. A physician, researcher, lecturer, journal editor, and educator with more than 25 years of experience, he is founding president of Bastyr University. He is also the co-author of the best-selling Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.