The Truth About Nutrition. Unlock the Secret to Radiant Health With the Wellness Formula! (The Truth About Health Book 4)

The topic of Nutrition and healthy eating is so enormous and full of confusion and contradiction. Almost daily, a new report is released that flies in the face of nutrition advice given just the week before! It’s hard to know what’s really the best approach… what’s really the truth as far as creating health through Nutrition.

“The Truth About Nutrition. Unlock the Secret to Radiant Health With the Wellness Formula!” is your simplified, practical summary of exactly what you need to know in order to create vibrant, radiant health with the foods you choose.

You will learn how to cut through all the marketing baloney and give your body exactly what it needs (meet its innate genetic requirements) to feel great, look fabulous, ward off sickness and function at peak performance levels. You will also learn the truth behind some of the greatest nutritional myths and fallacies of our lifetime… you’ll be shocked!

“The Circle of Health” is introduced – the simple approach to Nutrition that will restore your sanity! Combined with the 3 Golden Rules of Nutrition discussed in this book, you will have a refreshed, confident, empowered attitude toward healthy shopping, food choices and meal planning, as well as achieving and maintaining an ideal body weight with healthy lifestyle choices.

It’s not about being perfect – it’s about making better choices. Making better nutritional choices decreases your risk factors for every single disease of lifestyle we suffer from today! This is the breakthrough book on Nutrition that every home, every kitchen, every person striving for better health, needs to read!