The Pregnancy Companion: A Faith Filled Guide for Your Journey to Motherhood


A doctor’s counsel and a girlfriend’s wisdom combine to create an information-packed, inspiration-filled Christian resource for the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of pregnancy.

Halfway through her own pregnancy, author Jessica Wolstenholm realized that although she rushed to every book sitting on her bookshelf each time she encountered a question or a scary symptom, she found that the information there, while accurate, usually led to further questions or deeper fear, without the comfort she needed. ”If you are experiencing cramping,” the book would explain, ”it is very normal. However, you could be experiencing a miscarriage so consult your physician.” Fortunately for Jessica, she had the benefit of Dr. Heather Rupe, a Christian OB who answered every question with utmost honesty and accuracy, yet always included assurance that God was involved in every moment.

Not all women have the benefit of a Christian OB, but they can have the next best thing in The Pregnancy Companion. This valuable Christian pregnancy book brings medicine and faith together with the same quality medical information as any ”expecting” book on the market, infused with thought-provoking and spiritual messages. Organized in chapters that follow an expectant mother’s OB appointment schedule, this unique resource will equip readers for a faith-filled journey through an informed peaceful, and joyful pregnancy.