The Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex

From the Introduction: For a mother regaining her sexual self, it’s less about learning the latest and greatest blow job technique and more about figuring out how to make a sexual relationship work when the batteries from your vibrator are now powering your baby monitor and the last orgasm you had was when your baby slept four hours in a row. Motherhood undoubtedly affects our sex lives, but with little opportunity to explore the new changes in our bodies and sexual beings, like many mothers we focus on making sure our kids have perfectly mashed organic bananas and fairtrade hemp organic diapers. And while their tummies and asses are pesticidefree, we’re wishing someone cared about ours (or at least our asses) just as much. This guide gives moms everywhere permission to exchange their mommy jeans for something just a bit more, um . . . flattering. Selfproclaimed Mominatrix and author of the popular sex column of the same name, Kristen Chase proves that there is more to motherhood than diapers and timeouts. Good moms can be sexy mamas with just a little mominatrix training Kristen Chase (Atlanta, GA) is a thirtysomething former textbook author, college professor, and selfproclaimed sex connoisseur turned fulltime mom of two. She started to write about sex, or lack thereof, on her popular weblog Motherhood Uncensored ( and was invited to write a sex column called The Mominatrix, in which she answers reader questions and shares her humorous insights about sex and parenting. She currently resides with her family in Atlanta, where she chases after her kids and pleases her husband.