The Flores Fitness Formula – Introduction to Health and Fitness – Fitness Health and Wellness DVD


Program presented by Exercise Specialist Brian Flores (B.S., Nutritionist, Teacher and Ceritifed Personal Trainer of 12 Years) and his team of fitness professionals to properly introduce you to living a healthier and more active lifestyle!
Exercise Demonstrations
Don’t sweat it – Allow Brian to be your personal trainer. As your fitness coach, Brian covers the form and technique of each exercise individually so you can perform it safely and correctly.

The Result – Living healthier, Gaining Energy and becoming more Active! You’ll notice improvements in all aspects of your life – whether that be your favorite sport such as golf or just having the strength do take on daily activities and work with ease!
Cardiovascular Training
Cardiovascular exericse is crucial to heart health. Brian will help you in choosing the cardiovascular machine that best fits your needs! Brian also breaks down the efficiency of each machine to help you determine what is best for YOU!

The Result – A consistant, regulated cardiovascular program has been linked in numerous studies to living a much longer life! Cardiovasular exercise reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke!

Dieting – The RIGHT way

Nutrition and Dieting may very well be the most confusing component to your fitness success; Yet your diet plan is highly influential on reaching your goals.

Brian’s approach is unique, after viewing you will understand –

Portion Control

Maximizing Muscle Gain

Eating for Strength

Eating for your Health


Energy Metabolism

Weight Management
The Result – Eating healthy will accelerate you to your goal. Whether the goal is to lose a few pounds, to become stronger or to get better at your golf game!


Stretching and promoting flexibility is the cornerstone to your fitness program. Brian will talk about the most effective stretching techniques to maximize flexibility.