The Dreamcatcher and Mandala Coloring Book for Relaxation and Stress Relief: An Adult Coloring Book for Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression … and Anti-Stress Activities) (Volume 1)



Do you love coloring? Do you love mandalas? How about dreamcatchers? Then you need The Mandala & Dreamcatcher Coloring Book for Relaxation and Stress Relief!

This beautiful coloring book for adults is a great answer to help provide relaxation and relieve stress while coloring designs with plenty of detail and beautiful composition. Let each of the 70+ designs help guide you through a journey of tranquility and let your troubles leave your mind.

Adult coloring books can help you find your “happy place” and can be extremely therapeutic. This is nothing new. Throughout history, art has often been used as a way to bring peace, calm and healing. The famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is a great example. In pain most of her life after a accident, Frida turned to painting while bedridden following the accident to deal with her isolation and pain. Her art would provide an escape throughout the rest of her career. Doctors and therapists have discovered the healing benefits of art for their patients. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an artistic genius such as Frida Kahlo to realize these benefits. Adult coloring books such as the Mandala and Dreamcatcher Coloring Book are a low cost and effective way to manage both mental and physical conditions.

Stop procrastinating. Start enjoying the incredible benefits adult coloring now! Let each design guide you through a journey of tranquility and let your troubles leave your mind. Purchase the Mandala and Dreamcatcher Coloring Book now!

The Mandala and Dreamcatcher Coloring Book provides beautiful adult coloring pages featuring artistic designs of beautiful Mandalas and Dreamcatchers. First grab a cup of your favorite coffee, then grab a set of pens and finally, find yourself totally absorbed in a relaxing session of adult coloring with your the Mandala and Dreamcatcher Coloring Book.

Use Ink or Pens
Feel free to use fine-tipped ink markers, color pencils, and pens.

What is a Mandala?
A mandala is a beautiful geometric pattern that many believes to symbolically represent the universe. Many combine the peace and tranquility of mandalas with adult coloring to find a state of zen or meditation.

What is a Dreamcatcher?
A dreamcatcher is a willow hoop with a woven net or web. The Native American Ojibwe tribe believed that dreamcatchers filtered a persons dreams, only letting the good dreams to pass through the net. Bad dreams would get caught in the net and never reach the dreamer.

Single Sided Pages With One Design Per Page
The opposite page for each drawing has a black backing that helps prevent ink pens from bleeding through.

The Perfect Holiday Gift
Give peace and tranquility to all your loved ones.

Buy Now, and Begin Your Coloring Journey of Relaxation and Tranquility with this Gorgeous Mandala Coloring Book for Adults.

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