Tangle Therapy Relax for Hand and Mind Wellness


One of the easiest ways to calm an anxiety attack is to find something to occupy your hands. The Tangle Therapy Relax is a perfect solution. It features a hard interior with rubberized, textured outside, perfect for handling and occupying your mind. The twisting and turning action has a calming effect that can help you work through your panic attack easily. Tangle Therapy has been issued a “Medical Device Establishment Registration” (#3004511013) by US FDA, making it an official form of recognized therapy that you can buy and use in your own home. It has been approved in therapeutic uses for a multitude of exercises and reliefs both physical and cognitive. Tangle Therapy has been approved by the FDA for use in improving hand motion, restoring motion or joints, improving muscle performance, strengthening finger muscles, and rehabilitation hand muscles, joints while simultaneously relaxing your mind. You can twist turn and squeeze to improve wellness in your hand muscles and joints. The Tangle Therapy line has been proven to help people relax their mind. You can manipulate your Tangle into different shapes to focus your attention and reduce stress. The fluid movement of twisting and turning your Tangle leads to a release of creativity and expression that is both productive and relieving for an excellent range of emotional support. Package contains (1) Tangle Therapy Relax for Hand and Mind Wellness. Used for tactile/sensory play, minor stress and anxiety relief, improving your attention skills (both in the classroom and during meetings), hand therapy, and smoking cessation. From the makers of the original fidget tool, Relax Therapy!