Stress Ball for Hand Therapy – Stress Relief – Relaxation – Strength – Great Hand Exercise for Grip Strengthening (Gel Core)


GET A GRIP… With the BEST stress ball by Tavimana.

Fits for kids as ADHD toy and adults with busy day to day life,
the multi-functional Tavimana stress ball will give you a fun and therapeutic exercise
for a stronger grip and relaxed body and mind.

Much like with other workouts,
it will give you an Endorphin boost and enhance the blood circulation
which consequently increases the brain oxygen flow making you feel refreshed.
The Tavimana stress ball is 2.1 inches in diameter with retains shape
ultra-durable thermoplastic gel core encased in a soft lycra fabric.
Recommended by sports and fitness centers.

Navigate your nerves to your hands:
Having a hard time at work?
Do you or your kid suffer from ADD/ADHD?
Feeling nervous while traveling or even while sitting in a traffic jam?
Tavimana Stress ball is the answer.
This is the perfect diversion and you can use it everywhere and it’s even waterproof!

Researches determine:
“stress balls are perfect for relieving stress as they provide an avenue for
repetitive muscle action which helps to alleviate tension and stress”.

Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live in!
The Tavimana stress ball is great for physiotherapy to treat Carpel Tunnel syndrome or
Arthritis symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in the fingers or hands.
Also helps hand movement exercise,
which is one of the most persistent function to recover from
after a stroke and regain fine motor skills.

You’ll be surprised as to how much our stress balls can change your life in a short time!
Could be a gift for pug’s lovers – the dog breed.

If you want to start lowering you stress level and squeeze it out,
go ahead and buy a Tavimana Stress Ball now!