Standing Desk Mat – Anti Fatigue Floor Mat with Handle and Hanger (Black)


Looking to buy a standing desk mat that will help you with the lower back discomfort?
Feel good while using your standing desk! (Keep reading)

So your lower back is just killing you.


Maybe you tried other cheaper standing desk mats?
67% of standing desk mats don’t work, either made of a squashy cheap foam, have a rectangle shape that can’t go under your desk or simply is not doing its job.
And they’re ugly too…

Quality Clever Standing Desk Mat solves this problem. And it has an EXTRA FEATURES

Our Anti-fatigue Floor Mat:
– has a SLIDE UNDER DESK SHAPE : Because there is always something in the way
– has a HANDLE : Because you are lifting it few times a day
– has a HANGER: Because when you switch to sitting, you need to put the mat somewhere
– is made of SPECIAL GEL FOAM : Because the other standard foams get squashed over time
– is always DELIVERED FLAT : Because shipping rolled up mats is just a blasphemy!
– And it’s beautiful, the design is just N I C E

Thousands of customers love products from Quality Clever, we are convinced you will too

So… a great choice at high quality? Go for it

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P.S. REMEMBER, It’s not only a mat, it comes with a neat hanger (with screws etc) too!

PPS. We’re new on Amazon and people are really loving our product, as a small family business we really really appreciate it.