Sound Oasis® GLO to SLEEP Deluxe Sleep Mask


Glo to sleep is a revolutionary new idea that builds on ancient wisdom, to clear the mind, deeply relax the body, and lead to sleep. For thousands of years, enlightened ones have told us to close our eyes, look up and achieve a calm state of mind. Now, with glo to sleep, you simply raise your eyes and gaze on a focal point of blue lights. Without any previous training, practice or concentrated effort, you can instantly stop repetitive and worrying thoughts and quickly achieve a deeply relaxed state that leads to sleep. Glo to sleep works to slow the frequency of the brain’s electrical activity, an objective shared with meditation and self-hypnosis. Deluxe glo to sleep provides precise lighting control so you can choose the exact brightness level and dimming time that’s right for you! Features 3 auto dim options; ramp down in 10 minutes; ramp down in 20 minutes; ramp down in 30 minutes. When using the glo to sleep, the objective is no longer trying to fall asleep. Simply raise the eyes, hold the gaze on a blue point of glo and breathe deeply. Thoughts slow and the mind clears. The body relaxes and arms and legs feel heavy. The eyelids begin to feel heavy as the individual continues to gaze at the point of glo. What happens next is what many glo to sleep users find so amazing: the transition from consciously looking up at the blue points of glo to the first stage of sleep often seems instantaneous. The glo to sleep rapidly slows the brain’s activity level to a deep relaxed state. Looking up at the blue points of glo will be the last thing the user remembers upon awakening. Sound oasis deluxe glo to sleep will help you focus your mind on the process of relaxation and sleep – naturally and effectively. Whether it’s for a full night’s sleep or just for a nap, our unique, patent pending technology will help you fall asleep quickly, sleep deeper, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling rested. One size.