Snuggle Me Organic | Infant Lounging and Bed-Sharing Cushion


WINNER of the PRESTIGIOUS ‘MOM’S CHOICE AWARDS’ – 2016! . The Snuggle Me Organic is a co-sleeping bed & infant lounger. It is the best 100% organic cotton in-bed sleeper, infant lounger, and baby ‘snuggler’ available to families. Snuggle Me Organic is the “jack of all trades” when it comes to infant cushions. Its innovative design allows babies to feel as though they are being enveloped in a hug, all the while creating a safe and secure mobile place to sleep. It has cushions all around and a hammock effect in the center, so that you can be sure your baby will lay flat, and won’t roll over or turn when placed in its center. The cushions are hand-crafted with materials made in the US. They are made with a hypo-allergenic fill, and the cushion and removable cover are both made with 100% certified organic cotton. Bring to bed, tote around the house, or take traveling, the Snuggle Me Organic is perfect for your baby! Patented and made in the USA. In addition to the almost magical qualities we’ve mentioned above, All of our baby items are free from: LEAD FLAME RETARDANTS LATEX, PHTHALATES BPA’s All organic components used to create your Snuggle Me Organic are: THIRD PARTY CERTIFIED ORGANIC ETHICALLY SOURCED LOCAL MADE IN THE USA CHEMICAL FREE All of our materials are: BREATHABLE ONLY THE BEST QUALITY FOR YOUR BABY For more information about Snuggle Me Organic, please visit our Amazon home page at Simply Mommy LLC where we have additional photos, FAQ’s, customer feedback, and a detailed help section in order for you to get to know your Snuggle Me Organic.