Smart Shake Recipes For Wellness

Live better, enhance your health, as well as your mental and physical condition with SMART SHAKE RECIPES FOR WELLNESS: utilize the power of healthy and nutritious shakes!

Meet Fruit and vegetables. They are your ticket to a healthy lifestyle, and both have been adopted widely in all cultures. But rather than cooking or processing fruits and vegetables, there is a much better, easier and healthier way to make sure you get all the essential goodness out of each piece of fruit and each vegetable…

Introducing Juice shakes, the best way to remove the toxins from your body and get yourself in shape, whilst losing a few pounds and helping to completely restart your digestive processes!

You might have tried juice shakes before, and you probably had not much luck with them, right? Well, it is all about getting the right amount of nutrients and vitamins into your body. And that is not easy, as you might have experienced before.

Cindy Segura has taken all the guesswork out of the process of making yummy and healthy vegetable and fruit shakes in her new book The Smart Shake Recipes For Wellness. This comprehensive resource allows you to quickly and effectively improve your overall health, whilst losing, weight and working towards a long-term healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

What to expect from the content:

  • Access to the products which we personally recommend.
  • Learning which products to avoid.
  • A comprehensive list of ingredients that are used within the recipes included in the book.
  • Dozens of recipes which are going to leave you feeling happy each and every day.

There are recipes for everybody, regardless of your personal tastes, including cookies, pies, bars and of course, shakes.

Incorporating great tasting shakes into your daily lifestyle is a great way to keep your body in great shape. Smart Shake Recipes For Wellness is your one-stop resource for getting fit, being healthy, losing weight and waking up every morning with a smile!