Sleep & Wellness Premium Anti-Aging Jade Roller for Facial Massage Therapy – 100% Natural Double Jade for Face Slimming, Rejuvenation, & Beauty



Get the FLAWLESS glass skin you DESERVE!  

What’s the Sleep & Wellness Jade Roller? 

Jade Rollers are a century old beauty product trusted around the globe to tone and improve skin health. Experience the difference of our Sleep & Wellness Jade Roller by adding relaxation to your daily facial routine. Made from the best Jade in the market, our jade roller increases elasticity, improves blood circulation, while eliminating dark eye circles & under eye puffiness/redness.

Why Sleep & Wellness? 
We here at Sleep & Wellness pride ourselves at being completely transparent to our customers by offering unrivaled products. High quality material, close attention to detail, & continuous testing help us ensure we deliver our customers the best! 

– Unrivaled smooth jade stone quality

– Double Jade Roller for general to site specific facial stimulation to target hard to reach areas

– Includes gift box & storage pouch for travel

How to Use: 
Our Jade Roller is an essential part of every self-care routine. Apply your favorite toner and moisturizer to massage as well as tone your face. Use the larger roller for the forehead, cheeks, & chin in long rolling strides while using the smaller roller for the bridge of your nose, under your eyes, & other small/ hard to reach areas with short strides & light pressure.