Sleep Therapy Sound Machine by Silverflye- Portable Spa Relaxation for Baby, Adult and Travelers- Soothing White Noise with 6 Nature Sounds for Home, Office or Travel- Remote and USB Cord Included


Babies have what are called “Sleep Arousals”

These occur about every 20-45 minutes. Ever wonder why your baby naps for sometimes only 20 minutes at a time? When they hit their sleep arousal at the 20 minute mark they are unable to fall back into deeper sleep and thus nap time is over. Silverflye’s White Noise Machine helps babies gently navigate these arousals to get longer, more restorative naps.

This revolutionary sleep aid machine helps to block out the noise of everyday life

These include TV, Siblings, Doorbells, etc. that can interfere with day naps and night sleep.

NEW Intuitive Remote Control

You no longer have to crawl into your baby’s room salamander style to restart or shut off the sound machine! This sound machine comes with the only Remote Control on the market and has a 25 foot range. It controls and operates all of its dynamic functions.

Great Sleep Associations

White noise sound machines are great sleep associations for babies. This product will create a consistent sleep signal to establish a good sleep schedule for your baby wherever you go. Use this to create a safe space by blocking out stimulation anywhere, as it calms and distresses babies, even those with colic.

MUST Have When Expecting

Give yourself or an expectant mom the most precious and appreciated baby shower gift- SLEEP! This white noise machine is perfect for adults. It also works great if you sleep with your baby in the same room. As the machine is playing, you will establish healthy sleep habits and not wake up to every little sleep sound your baby makes. You’ll also stop trying to feed or comfort baby after every little noise they make, leading them to wake up more frequently. The dual power source and battery saver on/off button will power off the machine, saving battery power.

When you purchase this today, you will unlock all the hidden sleep potential you and your child possess. Buy Now!