Shower Filter by QwenchPure Most Effective Showerhead Water Filter with KDF High Output Chlorine Removal Water Softener and Purifier – With Replaceable Cartridge


At QwenchPure, we are dedicated to educating people about the often confusing world of water filtration. Our QwenchPure Shower Filter uses leading-edge 100% KDF-55 filter medium for maximum efficiency in hot water filtering for chlorine, turbidity, and other unwanted contaminants. Many filters on the market claim to filter chlorine with many different methods from activated carbon to ceramic balls, to calcium sulfate. None of these methods are realistic in a hot water environment. QwenchPure’s USA-Produced KDF-55 is the only filter material that meets NSF rating standards for hot water chlorine filtration. While other filters may only have a small percentage mixed into their filter, at Qwench, we have manufactured a filter with 100% KDF-55, over 8 oz per filter. This provides the most effective chlorine removal shower system to restore your skin and hair to their healthiest state. Chlorine causes drying of the skin and hair, as well as reddening of the eyes. Chlorine strips your skin’s natural oils, causing dry flaky skin and even premature aging and wrinkles. For most people, one of the highest exposures to chlorine occurs in their hot shower. Hot water opens the pores of your skin, allowing more of this toxin into the body. In addition, you inhale the evaporated chlorine gas in the steamy air. This enters directly into your body and blood stream with each breath. Unlike natural spring water which is famous for leaving hair feeling soft and shiny, chlorinated water dries out hair. Working as an oxidant, chlorine changes the structure of hair, weakening and damaging it. With tinted or colored hair, the effects are even more obvious, especially with red-tinted hair. Chlorinated water can change the color of bleached or colored hair to a yellow/green, referred to as “swimmers hair.” With our QwenchPure filter, in about five to seven days, the natural balance of your skin and scalp will be restored, contributing to healthier, softer skin and less brittle hair.