Sharper Image Best White Noise Sound Machine for Baby Room & Adults, 12 Soothing Nature Music Sleep Therapy Portable Device for Relaxation & Stress Relief with Timer for Travel, Office, Spa, and Home


Are You Tossing & Turning At Night? Here’s the Quick & Easy Way to Fall Asleep Faster!

Having trouble falling asleep when it’s totally quiet?

Want to unwind and relax but stress and anxiety keeping you up at night?

Introducing the Ultimate Sleep Sound Soother Machine by Sharper Image!

• FALL ASLEEP FASTER – the different relaxing sounds will create a calm environment that will allow you to fall asleep faster without worrying about the next day…

• COMBAT STRESS & ANXIETY – our sleep soothing machine will allow you to release all the tension by creating a relaxing environment and promoting calmness…

• ADJUST IT TO YOUR EXACT NEEDS – you can adjust the backlit display and volume and even skip the sounds you don’t like with the press of just a few buttons…

• SLEEP WITHOUT WORRIES – the handy auto shut-off function will allow you to fall asleep without having to turn the machine off…

• TAKE IT WITH YOU ANYWHERE – especially if you’re often staying at hotels and having trouble falling asleep, our sleep sound soother will make your life easier and help you enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep anywhere with the battery powered option.

And The Best Part? You Can Enjoy Its Relaxing Sounds Without Disturbing Your Loved Ones!

Our sound soother machine features a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can listen to its soothing sounds using your noise canceling headphones!

What Are You Waiting For? Click “Add to Cart” NOW & Sleeping Like a Baby!


• 12 soothing sound recordings to promote relaxation and well-being

• Omni-directional digital speaker plus audio output jack

• Build-in 30/60/90-minute timer option

• Gradually decreased volume during the last ten minutes of each program

Package Includes:

• 1 soothing sound unit

• 1 AC power adapter

• convenient battery backup (AA batteries not included)