Set of 2 Nayoya Fruit Infused Infuser Water Bottles – 28 Ounce Leak Proof Tritan Plastic


Healthy, Calorie, Free Naturally Flavored Water That You Can Make Yourself At Home Using Chopped Fruits, Veggies, or Tea Bags Inside the Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Comes with 2 his and hers (green and yellow colored infuser chambers) 28 ounce fruit infuser water bottles and unlimited, yummy possibilities.
Add chopped fruit, veggies or teabags to make any yummy drink. Do you like peaches, strawberries, watermelon and blueberries? Chop them up and put them inside the fruit infusion chamber, add water to the bottle and let the fruit flavor seep into the water to give you a tasty, hydrating and refreshing natural beverage. You get deliciously flavored water without the extra calories and fake sugars that most juices and sodas have.

Curbs cravings.
Constantly drinking soda and juices that are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and sugars only work to make you crave them even more. This not only makes you fatter but slows down performance over time. The body is made up of a large percentage of water but drinking a gallon of water daily as recommended is difficult to do due to the bland taste of water. Infusing your water with teabags, veggies or fruits give the water a naturally yummy taste while hydrating you so that you can achieve peak performance without the sugar crashes associated with sodas and fruit juices.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottles are great for on the go.
Your infuser water bottles easily fit into carry on or in your suitcase so that you can enjoy flavored water while traveling or on vacation at resorts. If you usually gain weight from vacations then take your infuser bottle sets with you and make flavored water to drink on vacation instead of loading your body with sugary drinks.