Self-Hypnosis for Natural Weight Loss + Guided Meditations for Sleep and Relaxation: Unlock the Subliminal Secrets for Rapid Weight Loss with Meditation, Affirmations & Cleansing, Relaxation Music: Guided Meditation


Discover the Freedom of Not Being Controlled by Food!

Are you feeling frustrated with your lack of results? Tired of the emotional, weight-loss roller-coaster ride? Do you wonder if you’ll ever reach your goal weight, even after having weight-loss surgery?

Throughout this audiobook, you will be guided from start to finish. We will begin with your current state of dissatisfaction with your current lifestyle and bring you to a relaxed state of calm awareness, where you will be able to push all of your unhealthy cravings into the distance and find peace within the positive affirmations for losing weight.

This hypnosis and meditation guide is designed specifically for those who want to rapidly lose weight in a healthy way while increasing your motivation for achieving your ideal body.

With part one of this audiobook, you’ll be able to-

  • Lose weight fast and naturally
  • Sleep better
  • Gain more energy throughout your day
  • Enjoy the experience of nurturing and taking care of your body

Discover The Power of Hypnosis for Losing Weight Fast and Increasing Your Motivation to Lose Weight via Hypnosis and Meditation!

Do you wish you could deeply relax your body and mind and completely let go of your tension and stress?

Melt away worry, create stress relief and calm, and deeply relax both your body and mind immediately with this hypnosis book from Chakra Guided Meditation.

Part two of this meditation audiobook will help you:

  • Increase inner peace
  • Instantly relieve stress
  • Achieve anxiety relief
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Deep sleep through the night
  • Calming energy
  • Positive self-beliefs

You will be amazed just how effective breathing meditation can be at helping you destress, calm the mind, and increase positive emotions!