Rest and Restore: Guided Meditation and Relaxation Exercises for Stress Relief, Mindfulness, and Peaceful Sleep


Enjoy the many physical and emotional rewards of guided meditation and relaxation with Rest and Restore: Guided Meditation and Relaxation Exercises for Stress Relief, Mindfulness, and Peaceful Sleep. Rest and Restore was developed by Dr. Tanie Miller Kabala, a clinical psychologist with a passion for sharing the life-changing benefits of meditation and conscious relaxation.

Dr. Kabala has over ten years of experience using meditation and relaxation exercises to help her patients relieve stress, become more mindful, sleep better, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and achieve a greater overall sense of well-being.

Rest and Restore offers five diverse meditation and relaxation practices of varying lengths. The first is a mindfulness meditation, a deeply calming practice that focuses on attending to the breath and relaxing the body. Next, there is walking meditation that allows the listener to experience the benefits of meditation while enjoying the experience of movement. This practice is excellent for those who struggle with “sitting still.” Rest and Restore also offers a five-minute restoration exercise, a calming and rejuvenating exercise that is perfect when relaxation is needed but time is short. There is also a progressive muscle relaxation exercise, one in which the listener slowly tenses and releases the muscles of the body, a practice that brings deep relaxation to both body mind. Rest and Restore concludes with a guided imagery exercise that takes listeners on a deeply relaxing journey to the beach.

Each of these practices allows the listener to take a break from the outside world, turn his or her focus within, and experience deep body-mind relaxation and rejuvenation. The exercises are perfect for both beginners (who might appreciate the instructions offered throughout the exercises) and individuals with meditation and relaxation experience who would like to add to their current practices.

Dr. Tanie Miller Kabala is a clinical psychologist who received psychology training at Georgetown University, George Washington University, George Mason University, and the University of Delaware. She earned her Ph.D. with honors in 2003 and has practiced psychology in multiple settings, including community mental health centers and university counseling centers. Dr. Kabala currently works in private practice, where she specializes in treating individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, eating disorders, and concerns related to weight loss surgery. Dr. Kabala has a passion for using meditation and relaxation exercises to help her patients experience increased emotional and physical wellness; and she enjoys offering meditation and relaxation classes to her community.

Dr. Kabala is the author of The Weight Loss Surgery Coping Companion, and has a blog that covers a variety of mental-health related topics. Feel free to visit her website at

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