Relaxease Visual Relaxation System Light Glasses


Want to undwind at the end of the day? Put the Relaxease glasses on, sit down and turn them on. Pulsating light guides you towards deep relaxation, a great distraction from your busy world. At the turn of the century, the French psychiatrist, Pierre Janet, noticed that when patients at the Salpetriere Hospital in Paris were exposed to flickering light, they experienced reductions in hysteria and increases in relaxation. When modern, scientific research into effects of rhythmic light and sound began, scientists discovered that electrical rhythms of the brain tended to mimic the rhythm of a flashing light stylus. British neuroscientist W. Grey Walter used an electronic strobe and advanced E.E.G. equipment to investigate what he called the “flicker phenomenon”, he found that rhythmic flashing light quickly altered brain wave activity, producing profound relaxation and vivid mental imagery. Today, scientists call this principle “ENTRAINMENT.” RelaxEase is not intrusive and follows the same natural principles used by “Ptolemy”, to create an effective brain entrainment device. Everything is in the glasses, so there are no wires to untangle, no bulky attachments. Take them to work, on vacation, on business trips, or anywhere you want. Enter deep alpha / theta states in minutes! Relaxease comes with built-in brightness and frequency control (3-11Hz), so you can adjust them to fit your sensitivity. The timer can be set to 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Uses 4 AAA batteries (not included). Note: RelaxEase is designed for relaxation only, and is not intended as a treatment for any medical illness. Epileptics, photophobics, pregnant women or those wearing heart pacemakers should consult their physician before using.