RELAX-QUICK! Simple, Effective Relaxation Processes You Can Do in Moments; Deep Relaxation/Meditation, Guided Imagery, Affirmations (CD)


Relax-Quick! is a popular collection of short, stand-alone exercises for stress reduction that serve as an ideal companion to Nancy’s best-selling classic, Relaxation/Affirmation Techniques. Ideal to use in group settings, these brief processes facilitate deep mind-body relaxation.

The 12 enjoyable tracks include easy yet powerful
* Breathing exercises
* Positive affirmations
* Sensory awareness exercises
* Mindfulness meditations
* Delightful guided imagery processes.

Once learned, these fun, effective techniques can be plugged in anytime, anywhere, when most needed to calm your mind and relieve physical and emotional stress and anxiety. Children, as well as adults, respond beautifully to the simplicity of these exercises.

Using the time-tested guided imagery, stress relaxation techniques, and affirmation on this CD, you will easily
* Calm nerves
* Relieve emotional stress and anxiety
* Increase energy and mental clarity
* Improve sleep
* Enhance your overall sense of well-being

This primer in how to relax is popular in corporate settings and other professionals, students, and on-the-go folks who often feel I m too busy to relax!

What some might call hypnosis relaxation, or self-hypnosis techniques, the soothing guided imagery and positive affirmations on this CD combine to facilitate deep mind-body relaxation, allowing you to quickly relax, let go, and obtain a deep sense of general well-being.