Relax into Wellness, Guided Meditations for Healing Mind, Body and Heart


It is widely recognized that heartfelt intention, positive mental focus, imagery and relaxation can bring improvements in health and the resolution of concerns. Guided Meditations offer support for your body’s own natural ability to heal itself and for engaging an optimistic attitude. The suggestions in these guided processes will help you to release tension, relax and focus on beneficial change and are not intended to replace any needed medical care or treatment. How to Get the Most Benefit from Your Guided Meditations: • Listen to the meditations in a quiet place where you can safely close your eyes. • Place yourself in a comfortable position that you can maintain easily. • Pause the CD when you need more time to follow the directions. • Follow your own sense of how best to use the suggestions; if an image doesn’t appeal to you, use another. • Practice brings results. You will relax more readily and with greater ease over time. • Guided Imagery is symbolic; the images represent something that can aid you in achieving your goals. If you don’t visualize easily, sense and feel what the image symbolizes instead. 1 Breath of Healing 17:52 2 Healing Heart Cocoon 16:51 3 Healing Waterfall 15:09 4 Healing Rainbow Colors 19:53 Copyright © 2014 Dylan Mariah