Reiki Relaxation: Guided Healing Meditations


Guided Practices for Deep, Full-Body Relaxation How often have you been truly relaxed-as easy and peaceful as a sleeping child? Many of us become so attached to our worries, stresses, and goals that we forget how to really unwind. With Reiki Relaxation, Bronwen Stiene brings you six soothing and powerful meditations for releasing stress, clearing stuck energy, and reclaiming your ability to deeply and completely relax. Drawn from the Reiki tradition and its Japanese origins, these techniques can be used by anyone to provide immediate relief, or as a long-term practice for living with greater ease and resiliency. Join this internationally acclaimed Reiki teacher for two sessions of guided meditations, featuring:
* The Quick De-Stressor-an on-the-spot practice for whenever you need it most Tanden Chiryo Ho and Nentatsu Ho-techniques to dissolve anxiety using your hands, breathing, and simple focusing techniques
* Full Body Relaxation-a complete practice to deepen your ability to stay calm and undisturbed in any situation
* San Mitsu Ho (The Three Mysteries) and Tenjiku (The Celestial Axis)- Japanese practices for infusing spiritual energy into your whole being
In Reiki practice, relaxation is not just a temporary reprieve from stress-it is a fundamental energetic shift toward greater confidence, clarity, and expansiveness. With Reiki Relaxation, Bronwen Stiene offers six essential meditations to help us access our innate capacity for deep relaxation-so we may live more naturally in alignment with our true selves.