Reiki Healing: How to Improve Your Health and Increase Your Energy. A Step-by-Step Complete Guide to Self Healing Through Meditation to Achieve Physical and Spiritual Wellness

Do You Want to Learn How to Improve Your Health Without Having to Visit A Doctor?

Did you know that Reiki is one of the most practical and simple therapies we have within our reach?

In these times, where immediacy and the demanding pace of life force us to be very busy, Reiki is given to us as quick and effective access to problem solving.

With Reiki, we can give way to an emotional imbalance, calm daily stresses, reduce stress levels, improve a disease, get out of a disease, rest in the middle of the work maelstrom, increase our capacity for self-healing, feel greater harmony and well-being

Although healing by imposing hands goes back to time immemorial, it has not lost its validity and even adapts perfectly to the modern lifestyle:

Reiki is portable, discreet and self-applying.

You Will Learn:

  • Understand the Deep Meaning of Reiki

  • How to Use Reiki According to Your Needs

  • How to Use Reiki Wherever You Want

  • The Most Powerful Techniques You Can Use in Your Life to Improve Your Health

  • How to Do Heal Without to Visit a Doctor

  • Why It’s Fundamental Teach Reiki to Your Son, Children and Adolescents

  • How You Can Help Your Lovely Pet

  • The Easiest and Important Positions to Improve Your Body, Your Soul and Spirit

You need to understand that every year the energy of the planet rises, which allows access to new information, and that complements the knowledge available so far.

The study of this book is aimed at gradual awakening for emotional, spiritual, physical and planetary healing.

Since I started, I have been guided by the Divine Providence Masters, the main spiritual guides of this technique. In this book, in addition to the explanations that are found, there is the tuning of the energy.

During tuning, both the person and his spiritual supporters, go through an elevation of energy, a cosmic reconnection. After the tunings, some physical reactions can occur to people, and more commonly, their medium sensitivity is increased. These factors vary according to the gradient of light that each one has reached.

Healing energy is available to everyone, regardless of whether they are initiated into any other technique. The work, therefore, is internal.

I am not a guru; I am not a teacher of anyone. I am sharing these teachings so that you connect to your Inner self and thus achieve Ascent, Enlightenment, or as I call it, reconnect with the SOURCE THAT EVERYTHING IS.

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