Greenair Spa Vapor 2-new and Improved Essential Oil Diffuser

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New and improved Spa Vapor II – has an improved ceramic disc for better functionality, on/off switches on the side of the unit and can now use purified water. The unit is now – BPA FREE. Beneficial aromatherapy oils are dispersed into a micro fine vapor, allowing them to remain suspended in the air for an extended time. Hypnotic color change from 6 rotating LED lights – which can be turned on/off. It is much safer and retains the integrity of essential oils vs. burning oils in warmers. Ultrasonic action creates negative ions which can help purify the air. Runs whisper quiet so you can place by your bed. Great for aiding with colds and to add humidity.

Spa Vapor + ultrasonic oil diffuser

This patented ultrasonic oil diffuser uses the industry’s leading technology to create an ultrafine mist which will allow for all grades of essential oils to be suspended in the air for longer periods of time and for better inhalation. Six rotating LED lights create a soft soothing color changing effect – note – these lights can be turned on or off.

Other features:
• BPA free
• Size 4” x 4” x 6”
• Water capacity – 175ml
• Room size – up to 500 square feet
• Run time: Up to 6 hours (depends on the mineral content of your water)
• Auto shut off when the unit runs out of water
• Directional misting Product usage procedures/tips


Use regular WARM tap water for optimum usage
Fill half way to fill line to begin add more water after misting begins. Use a separate cup (not provided) to fill your unit with water.
Make sure all 3 top parts are in place for unit to properly mist.


Do not use cold water (this will delay misting)
Do not use distilled water (distilled water does not have minerals)
Do not overfill – remove some water if unit does not mist
Do not allow water to enter vapor hole on side of unit.
New and improved – now with advanced ceramic disc to prevent oil corrossion and unit breakdowns
BPA Free – Now works with purified water – On/Off switches on front of unit
Beneficial aromatherapy oils are dispersed into a micro fine vapor using ultrasonic technology which allows oils to remain suspended in the air for an extended time

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