Fema Synergic Trade 140 Portable 115v Automatic Dual Purpose MiG Welder


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New Fema Italian designed and made Trade Synergic fully automatic 140 MIg Welder is unique and packed with features all from 115V household supply.

Simply enter the material, thickness and wire used and the machine will do the rest, automatically. With digital readout and sensors this unit embodies the perfect marriage of traditional reliability of transformer technology with truly sophisticated electronics for better programmability.

If you want to tweak things manually, it has an override. This is a professional feature usually found on welders costing $1000s. Makes even almost beginners seem like certified welders!

The Femig is supplied complete and comes ready to use with Torch, Flux cored wire and ground clamp. Capable of welding from 3/64″ to over 1/4″ Steel. It will also weld Stainless, Aluminum and other metals when used with the appropriate gas and wire.

Features Include:

*Fully Synergic – select the right program and parameters and the unit does the rest. Save programs to memory.
*Runs from 115v socket – use from home supply.
*Dual Purpose Facility – Weld in Gasless or in Gas modes.
*Extra low current performance – allows the welding of very thin materials.
*High quality 2 roller drive wire feeder – For even and reliable wire delivery.
*Top loading – For smoother wire flow.
*Built in Torch Holder – for convenience.
*Turbo fan cooled – For better performance.
*6 Power settings – for added precision.
*Lighted Wire Window – for easy viewing of when wire needs replacing.
*Accepts variable spool size – supplied to carry up to 2lb spools for portability, will accept 10lb with optional carrier.
*Safety cut out – for added protection.
*Use out of the box – Torch, gasless wire, wire brush, earth cable with clamp.
*Fully Portable – Carry from job to job.
*Ideal for the Trade User – Automotive, maintenance, farm, contractor….
Fema Italian designed and made Trade 140 MiG Welder.
Unique features from 115V household current.
Fully Synergic with multiple automatic programs.
Weld from auto body thin 3/64″ to over 1/4″ Mild steel.
Weld Stainless,Aluminum etc with correct gas & wire.