Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

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Carve like a snowboard. Accelerate like a supercar.

The Boosted board combines the world’s most powerful light electric drivetrain with a Loaded longboard for amazing hill climbing, precise carving, and revolutionary braking. Riding a Boosted board feels like flying an electric fighter jet.

Our award-winning electric drivetrain propels one of the world’s best longboards up incredible hills at speeds up to 22 mph and can brake the board to a complete stop even while going downhill. Proprietary control technology lets you limit power so you can comfortably learn before you graduate to the world’s most powerful board sports experience. You will feel like you’ve carved a snowboard through fresh powder every day of the year, whether it’s with your friends or on your way around town. See why the press calls it “a dream to ride” and “one of the best feelings of motion I’ve ever experienced.”


– Max Speed: 22 mph

– Range: 7 Miles

– Power: 2000W

– Uphill Climbing: 25 Percent Grade

– Powerful Braking: Regenerative

– Charge Time: 60 min

– 4 Modes: Beginner 8 mph 8+ miles : Eco 16 mph 7 miles : Expert 20mph 6 miles : Pro 22 mph 4.5 miles


– Weight: 15lb

– Truck Width: 10in

– Wheel Size: 75mm

– Deck Length: 38in

– Deck Material: 100% Bamboo

Accelerate like a sports car. A revolutionary 2,000 watts of power means a completely new riding experience. The world’s only dual-drive system let you accelerate up any hill and brake to a complete stop on the way back down.
Easier to learn. Advanced software means adjustable power and speed levels for all skill levels. Graduate to the highest levels of performance.
Carve like a real snowboard. Ride a top quality 100% bamboo longboard with true deck flexibility. Get better handling, ride quality, and maneuverability. Snowboarders, skiers, kite boarders, and surfers will rejoice.
Made in California with high-quality construction . Don’t settle for Chinese-made knockoffs. We use aerospace-grade batteries, machined metal, and composites instead of cheap plastic.