Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil | 100% Pure, Pre-Diluted Roll-On, Natural Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Grade | 10 milliliter (1/3 ounce)


Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil (INCI Ingredients: Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil)
What can’t Lavender do!? This beautifully scented flower, is one of the most well-known and popular essential oils on the market because it’s so versatile and loaded with benefits. French Lavender is the most well known, but Lavender can hail from many locations. Lavender has Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial, Anti-fungal, Antispasmodic properties and is a CNS sedative, Immunostimulant and Cicatrisant (skin-healing).

Blends Well With:Bergamot, Cedarwood, Clove Bud, Clary Sage, Geranium Egyptian, Helichrysum Italicum, Lemon, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose Absolute, Rosemary 1,8-Cineole, Sandalwood Australian, and Vetiver.

What Can Lavender Help With?

• Relaxation and Sleep
• Good for Sunburns
• Overall Skin Health
• Natural Hair Growth
• Itchy Dandruff
• Peace & Calming Bubble Bath

The Plant Therapy Difference:

• 100% Pure and Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade, Non-GMO
• Organoleptic and GC/MS Testing
• Batch Codes on Every Bottle
• KidSafe Formulations
• Certified Aromatherapists on Staff

At Plant Therapy we offer a vast selection of oils and blends in a variety of sizes. All of our essential oils come in glass bottles. The 2.5 mL, 5mL and 10 mL sizes are the perfect amount to test the waters. Our 30 mL bottle is a popular size for those that know just how well our oils work, keep your routine going without worrying about running out. Once the oil becomes a staple in your house, the 100 mL large value size is cost effective and easy on the budget. For ultimate convenience, try our handy Roll-Ons. These are pre-diluted using our Fractionated Coconut Oil and 100% pure essential oils, ready-to-use, for on-the-go convenience.