Petra Organics Mascara – 100% Natural and 85% Organic Lash Care – Great for Sensitive Eyes – Hypoallergenic Mascara – Enriched with Chamomile, Lavender & Sunflower Oil – Made in USA


Are you dealing with allergies and sensitive eyes?

Would YOU like to have longer, richer, healthier eyelashes that not only look amazing but become stronger every day?

What if there was an all natural, organic way to protect your eyelashes from breakage, damage and falling out?

Petra Organics Black Mascara , a powerful formula  rich in natural and organic ingredients, with RAVING reviews could help you have…

* Longer, Richer, Healthier eyelashes 

* Intense Hydration due to Vitamin E & Organic Sunflower Oil

* Powerful Hair Growth and Regeneration due to Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract

* Protection against free radicals due to Organic Golden Seal Root extract 

The best part? No more chemicals that burn your eyes!
Safe and Natural formula for even the most sensitive eyes!

This formula delivers all the benefits of a sensitive mascara without giving up any of the volume, curl or length.

Formulated without any Parabens, Dyes, Glutens or Harsh Chemicals. No animal testing.

If you want to have that gentle, irresistible look that seduce every time, feel attractive and confident in a natural way then our results-based Organic Mascara formula is for you.

Let yourself being admired!

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