Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body and Baby Connection: The Manifesto of Conscious Motherhood


“Natalie and Lindsay have written the perfect guide for those entering motherhood or already there.” —From the Foreword by Skye Dyer

What to Expect When You’re Expecting is like the Bible for new moms, but it doesn’t prepare you for motherhood! Peaceful Mama helps you understand what mama-hood is really like and the changes we go through mind, body, and soul. It also gives you practical tools to help mamas find their new normal with MAMAHH Moments. Iwish I’d had this book when I was pregnant!”

—Lindsay McCarthy, Co-Author of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families

“This book is needed in the hands of any expecting or seasoned momwho is seeking a more peaceful, connected, and compassionate motherhood experience. . . . Give this book to any mom you know and be a part of the movement of peaceful mamas creating a more peaceful world.”

—Hal Elrod, Author of the #1 Best-Selling Book, The Miracle Morning


Peaceful Mama shares the tools every mom and mom-to-be needs to improve her well-being and raise consciousness through a unique and practical framework called MAMAHH Moments (pronounced mom-ahhhhhh). Whether you’re a parent or contemplating parenthood, you’re invited to join the worldwide tribe that’s discovering the magic and massive benefits of taking moments throughout the day to become more centered and present in these six life-changing areas:


Co-authors Natalie Sager and Lindsay Ambrose share hands-on wisdom and scientifically grounded approaches to conscious parenting in this down-to-earth collection of highly practical “tools of the tribe.” You’ll also connect with real birth and parenthood stories and learn life-saving tips from excerpts authored by 20 Peaceful Mama Experts (including midwives, doulas, naturopaths, nurses, coaches, psychologists, acupuncturists, homeopaths and fitness gurus) who all remind us peace begins within and Peaceful Mamas will change the world.