PAIN: SOFTENING THE SENSATIONS — Deep Relaxation/Meditation, Guided Imagery Affirmations Proven to Relieve, Reduce, Manage Chronic and Acute Pain … CD/Booklet) (Relax Into Healing Series)


This pain management CD has been proven effective in its use in pain clinics and other clinical settings, as well as by countless individuals dealing with various types and intensity levels of pain.

In a relaxed state, the experience of pain is reduced by the body’s production of endorphins, nature’s own pain relievers. The processes on this award-winning guided imagery CD help you reduce pain or discomfort by letting go of tension, resistance, fear, frustration and anger, and learning to “soften the sensation,” receiving it as a communication from your body.

The power of guided healing visualization and positive healing affirmations, combined for holistic mind-body healing, cannot be overstated. Whether mild or severe, chronic or acute pain, these simple mind-body healing techniques that are not only soothing, but scientifically sound combined with the incomparable healing power of Love, can make a tremendous difference in managing any sort of pain. Many find this CD to be their most effective chronic pain treatment.

Sometimes called “self-hypnosis” for pain, these powerful guided imagery/visualization and positive affirmation processes can reduce pain anxiety, and help with:
* Post-operative pain relief
* Migraine relief
* Arthritis pain relief
* Natural back pain relief
* Fibromyalgia pain relief
* Muscle pain relief
* Joint pain relief
* Sciatica pain relief
* Gout pain relief
* Cancer pain relief

…or any other type of chronic or acute pain, including emotional pain of loss or trauma.

As thousands of listeners have experienced, Nancy masterfully provides a variety of techniques that create powerful, immediate results. Her incredibly soothing voice and compassionate guidance make this award-winning, 74-minute recording and accompanying booklet a must for anyone who is seeking effective, natural, acute or chronic pain relief.

NOTE: This recording is available upon special request without harp accompaniment for those who prefer no additional aural stimulus (e.g., migraine sufferers). Please contact Nancy Hopps or Relax Into Healing for more information.