Pack of 4 Spiky Massage Balls, Hard & Soft Combo, 2 of 7.5cm & 2 of 9cm, Stress Reflexology, Porcupine Sensory Ball Set


4 balls of different colors packed in a nice color box, including 2 soft & 2 firm balls providing different levels of stimulation, also available in 2 sizes targeting different areas of the body.

The ‘soft balls’ may NOT feel as soft as users expected. In cold room the soft balls feel almost as strong as the hard ones because the rubber of both becomes much solid. But under warm room temperature, the soft balls feel soft due to less rubber density compared to hard balls. However, the density of soft balls is just little less than hard ones in order to stay functional, thus users may not feel big difference between the soft balls and hard ones in terms of levels of stimulation. Please keep this into account before placing orders.

2 Soft Balls: 1×7.5cm (yellow), 1x9cm (green), for moderate massage

2 Firm Balls: 1×7.5cm (Red), 1x9cm (Blue), for strong level of stimulation

The Spiky Massage Ball is also called Porcupine Ball. It has a lot of sensory nodules that act as mini acupressure points when rolled along the body. These nodules can penetrates down to the muscle layers helping increase blood circulation, reduce stress, and comfort the underlying tissues. Ideal for self-massage or with assistance to treat back pain, ease tension, stimulate the nerves and energize the whole body.

This pack includes 2 soft and 2 firm balls in 2 sizes, providing different levels of stimulation, and targeting different areas of the body according to users’ preference.

Color box packaging and ideal as a gift too.

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