OWLv2 Quick Prep for General Chemistry for Stoker’s General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, 7th Edition [Online Code]


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If your instructor requires OWLv2 for this course, you can use this ISBN to purchase instant access. OWLv2 is the most trusted online learning solution for chemistry, proven to help you get a better grade. Featuring chemist-developed content, OWLv2 is the only system designed to elevate thinking through Mastery Learning, allowing you to work at your own pace until you understand each concept and skill. Each time you try a problem, OWLv2 changes the chemicals, values, and sometimes even the wording of the question to ensure you are learning the concepts and not just doing homework. With detailed, instant feedback and interactive learning resources, you get the help you need when you need it. Now with improved answer entry and input tools, OWLv2 is more robust than ever. Discover the power of OWLv2 and take your learning to a higher level.

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