Organic Lip Balms Quick Start Guide: Rejuvenate & Protect Your Lips with Natural Homemade Lip Balm Recipes (Organic Skin Products, Natural Remedies, Essential Oils, Organic Lip Gloss Series)

Ready to say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and artificial toxic chemicals for good?

Do it today when you get my awesome new quick start guide on homemade organic lip balms that actually moisturize, protect, and rejuvenate your lips!

Did you know that many artificial store-bought lip balms are actually designed to dry out your lips? Have you ever noticed that you apply lip balm to keep your lips moisturized but not even a couple hours later you’re applying it again? It’s because those lip balms are designed to keep you using it and buying more! Those lip balms are also jam-packed with toxic ingredients that slither into your skin and over time can become the catalyst for a host of major health problems. So what’s the solution when you don’t know what’s in your current lip balm and don’t want to hang out long enough to find out?

The solution is to create your own organic lip balms at home, where you know exactly what ingredients are touching your lips each and every time you apply it! In this book, I provide you with a quick start guide on ingredients and recipes that you can use to get started today, and say goodbye to those toxic ingredients in your store-bought lip balms for good. I specifically laid this book out by ingredient type, covering the most important natural and organic ingredients that you need in your lip balms, including ingredients that moisturize, rejuvenate, and protect without all the nasty chemicals. I also give you some great ingredients for adding a little extra color to your lip balms as well as a beautiful shimmer and a variety of flavors, both for yourself, and that special someone in your life. 😉

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What I’ll Teach You…

  • The Lip Smackin’ Basics Of DIY Lip Balms
  • The Must-have Tools You Need For DIY Lip Balms
  • The “Completely Kissable” Ingredients For Soft, Smooth Lips
  • The SPF Protective Ingredients For Sunny Summer Days
  • The Super Healing Ingredients For Healing Your Lips Fast
  • The Most Delicious Ingredients For A Flavor That Lasts
  • The Shimmer Ingredients For Shiny, Superstar Lips
  • The Best Color Ingredients For Finding That Perfect Tint
  • My Top 11 Lip Balm Recipes To Get You Started
  • Much, much more!

Say goodbye to dry lips for good and hello to soft, smooth, and kissable lips when you download this book today!

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