Organic Greenhouse Red On-The-Vine Tomatoes, 1 lb



Certified Organic! We are proud to add this item to our family of certified organic products.

Worth the wait Flavor

From the vine to va-va-voom. These tomatoes won’t stop primping until it’s time for their début. And when that moment arrives, their stunningly fresh flavor is sure to stop the show.


The Greenhouse Story

For 60 years, SUNSET has proudly been growing greenhouse tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for flavor lovers across the world. Our sustainable business practices show that we love the environment and everything it provides us with; warm sun, fresh water, and of course, flavorful food. It’s why we put a little extra into growing some of the most flavorful fruit around, or why we ensure our products are non-GMO verified.

Rock On…And on…

Our plants are grown using organic coconut husks or rockwool, a reusable mineral fiber that can hold high quantities of water and air to aid root growth. After use, recycled rockwool is sent to a nearby brick manufacturer. Just think, what grew your veggies can be used to grow our community, one brick at a time.


No thanks. As a Safe Quality Food certified company, we usually prefer ladybugs and other friendly critters. SUNSET uses integrated pest management (IPM) to ensure our flavorful produce is protected from hungry bugs (can you blame them though?). This means safer, more delicious food for you and your family. .


SUNSET uses recycled water in our greenhouses, just one of the many advantages of greenhouse production, so our water supply can be kept low. We don’t take more than we need.

Keeping it Old School

Our technology may be advanced, but when it comes to flavor, we go back to our roots. All of our products are non-GMO… which means our plants reproduce the old fashioned way- by natural plant breeding. Nature provides the best flavor around so we don’t have to mess with that.

SUNSET Kumato Pico de Gallo

Try this beautiful pico with warm tortilla chips or scooped on top of roasted chicken to add that perfect pop of flavor.


6 – 8 Kumato tomatoes – chopped

½ an English cucumber – seeded and chopped

1 One Sweet Pepper – seeded and chopped

2 shallots – chopped fine

1 jalapeño – seeded and chopped fine

juice of ½ a fresh Lemon

juice of ½ a fresh Lime

¼ bunch cilantro – chopped

kosher salt

ground black pepper


Chop all ingredients and blend together with citrus, cilantro and salt and pepper to taste. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips or top sandwiches and wraps.