Organic Foundation Makeup Primer- anti aging, fine lines, wrinkles & pore minimizer primer – Enriched with Vitamin A, C & E for flawless skin- Waterproof makeup base – Made in The USA FDA Certified


Note- This is not a 100% organic product, But all used ingredients are totally safe for everyday use, according to FDA Research.

Get flawless, radiant, smooth skin with our organic premium makeup primer. Apply as a foundation primer to hide fine lines, minimize pores, and reduce redness.
Made with FDA Approved PREMIUM & ORGANIC ingredients including Vitamin A , C and E, our anti-aging premium primer not only covers fine lines and wrinkles but helps prevent them! Specially made without harmful parabens; our face primer is suitable for all skin types including those with oily or sensitive skin.
Our ageless makeup primer is safe to use every day as a facial moisturizer for soft skin; won’t clog pores which can lead to acne.


– Create a silky smooth layer for makeup, so makeup goes on evenly for a long-lasting finish
– Foundation goes on smoothly, & creates a flawless appearance
– Best Waterproof primer for foundation available
– Fight against all signs of aging – hide & reduce fine lines, minimize pores, reduce redness, reduce wrinkles
– This makeup primer works perfectly for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin & combination skin
– It won’t clog pores which can lead to acne
– It has Natural Vitamin A, C & E
– Oil-free, Fragrance free, Paraben-free, Cruelty free, Won’t Irritate Sensitive Skin
– Safe to use every day as a facial moisturizer

Have an oil-free and smooth face just by applying a bit of Bellezza Secreto Premium Makeup Primer before starting your makeup routine.

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