Organic Chemistry Model Kit (239 pieces) – Molecular Model Student or Teacher pack with Atoms, Bonds and Instructional Guide


What is the Old Nobby Molecular Kit

This Molecular Model Kit has a total of 239 pieces plus a link remover which makes is very easy to build models for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry models.

Molecular Model sets are a useful means for studies in general and organic chemistry.

They help with visualising and understanding molecular structures and bonding.

Simple modelling activities that can be carried out and then extended to more complex examples include

– Saturated organic compounds (all single covalent bonds)

– Unsaturated organic compounds (double or triple covalent bonds present)

– Cyclic organic compounds

– Observing shapes of molecules

It is a great set for both students and teachers to aid in course studies!

WhatÕs Included?

Molecular Model Kit

240 Pieces _86 Atoms & 153 Links & 1 Short link remover tool

Color Qty Hole
H-Hydrogen White (Qty 30, Hole 1)
C-Carbon Black (Qty 15 Holes 4)
O-Oxygen Red (Qty 10 Holes 2)
N-Nitrogen Blue (Qty 4 Holes 3)
S-Sulphur Yellow (Qty 4 Holes 6)
P-Phosphorus Purple (Qty 5 Holes 5)
F-Fluorine Orange (Qty 2 Holes 1)
Cl-Chlorine Green (Qty 8 Holes 1)
Br-Bromine Dark blue (Qty 2 Holes 5)
I-Iodine Dark purple (Qty 2 Holes 5)
Metal Silver (Qty 2 Holes 3)
B-Boron Silver (Qty 2 Holes 6)
Links Qty.
Medium (single, rigid) 60
Long (double/triple, flexible) 25
Short – for space-filling models 60
V bond – for space-filling models 8
Short link remover tool 1

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