Organic Black Mascara Makeup & Clump Proof Brush Wand – All Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free, No Animal Cruelty, Hypoallergenic, for Sensitive Eyes, No Chemicals, Non Irritating by Natura Primme


Say Goodbye To Mascara’s That Irritate & Don’t Give The Lash Look Your Deserve!

Are you sick of Mascaras That:

• Flake Off

• Sticks your lashes together

• Heavy

• Clumps & smells

• Irritates eye

• Tearing

• Lashes falling out because of the toxic chemicals

Welcome To Natura Primme ALL Natural, 85% Organic, Vegan & Gluten Free Mascara

• Combats 99% of common problems with regular mascara

• does not contain Artificial colors, preservatives & fragrances

• No Toxic, Harsh Chemicals

• Conditioning ingredients to help eyelashes grow & stay healthy

Why you should trust Natura Primme Mascara

• Highest quality safe ingredients only made in USA

• Members with “The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics Organisation”, Housed at the Breast Cancer Fund in USA

What You will get

• Sleek black tube

• Clump proof wand

• Black formula packed with natural goodness

Amazon buyers trust & are completely happy with the Natura Primme Mascara

Not satisfied, We turn you back into our happy customer, 24/7 Support. No risk money back guarantee!

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